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Who Should Study Herbal Medicine?

Certificate in Herbal Medicine

Our Certificate course is for anyone who loves nature, who is drawn to the old ways of healing, and who wants to learn a great deal about how to help themselves and their loved ones through safe, effective, tried and true herbal medicine methods. It is an online program that goes into great practical depth so the student gets familiar and confident with using herbal medicines right away.

The Certificate can be done by itself but it also sets the stage for the Diploma course and may be considered an essential, first step towards becoming a professional Medical Herbalist.

Anyone interested in this course should not hesitate to talk with our student liaison Danielle, and her details are on the contact page. Danielle will be able to answer any questions and she will be happy to send you a free sample of an audio and video lecture so you can feel for yourself whether this is the course for you!

Diploma in Medical Herbalism  

The Diploma in Medical Herbalism can also be completed via distance learning and is designed for the person who wants to take things a lot further and is ready to learn a great deal of knowledge and skills to be able to work with a wide variety of people who may be struggling with all kinds of problems.

The Diploma is for a person with a passion to work for Nature. They must want to be able to relate to all kinds of people, to not be shy about wanting to make a difference, and to have plenty of inner strength to call on to do the work!

There are also two particular qualities that will be vital for any student to have success along this path.

The first is that they must be very good at self-directed study. The course will provide a great deal of guidance, structure and support, but each student will be in sole charge of how and when they listen to audio lectures, watch educational videos, read books and other material and work on their assignments. The information on the ‘structure’ page goes into more detail on what’s involved.

The second is that the student must be ready to ‘walk the talk’ of holistic medicine. A good herbalist needs wisdom, and this can only be gained with the kind of understanding that comes with experience.

Our students will gain great knowledge about herbs from their lectures and reading and, equally, they need to create a living understanding of the plants by getting up-close and personal with them. For example, a practitioner must have first-hand experience of how certain cleansing, digestive, hormonal or nervous system herbs work before they can safely and confidently recommend them to others.

Likewise, whilst it is understood that different people have different paths and that there is no one ‘right way’, we expect our Diploma students to commit to experiential learning – such as trying different kinds of therapeutic diets and/or practicing different kinds of exercises and techniques over a broad spectrum of areas. This means, when they prescribe a change of diet or lifestyle to another person, they have ‘been there’ and know exactly what’s involved in what they are asking others to do.

Diploma in Clinical Herbalism

This Diploma will be for the student who has completed the Certificate in Herbal Medicine and is at least part way through their Diploma in Medical Herbalism. Along with the practical logistics of being able to afford the time and costs to travel to Christchurch, New Zealand to attend the immersive workshops that are at the core of this course, the main quality for the student who wants to take on the Diploma in Clinical Herbalism is being ready and willing to ‘grasp the nettle’ of clinical practice, so to speak!

Working in a modern herbal medicine clinic, with all kinds of people with all kinds of problems, requires a great deal of knowledge, skills, strength and flexibility. Much of our endeavour in developing the ‘hands-on’ training in this course is to help the student gain the practical knowledge and skills to manage and succeed with a wide range of challenges, to build their confidence, to help them grow their practice so that they can eventually have the strength and stability of a great tree within their community. Deep roots, full branches, abundant leaves, flowers, nuts and berries, able to take in nourishment from Nature itself and able to support others over the longest journey of them all; life itself.

To learn more about the course, read the content on the Structure page. To make contact with us or to ask any questions, see the details on the Contact Us page, we will be happy to hear from you!


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