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Once you are accepted on to the course you will begin receiving the ‘first stage’ of educational material, so can start your learning journey as soon as you are ready!

Included in the cost of the Certificate of Herbal Medicine is a package containing a number of different herbs to help the student begin their learning journey in as ‘hands-on’ a way as possible. Later, there will no doubt be other herbs that students will want to gain access to in order to help themselves or others, or simply to further their knowledge and understanding of the plants and how to best use them.

A strong emphasis on making your own medicine from raw materials will be taught throughout our course, including at the Certificate level, therefore students will be supported with a variety of options on how to best obtain herbs and manufacturing materials to develop confidence in this vital and vibrant area from early on in their learning journey.

Course Fees

Certificate of Herbal Medicine = $2,400

Students are required to purchase a small number of specific books when studying our certificate course, these are widely available both new and 2nd hand. We will provide detailed notes on availability, price range, when each book has been published etc. on application to the course.

Diploma of Medical Herbalism = $6,200

Diploma of Medical Herbalism students must have completed all the course work for the Certificate of Herbal Medicine before beginning their Diploma studies. Diploma Students must also purchase a more extensive library of carefully selected specific texts to enable them to undergo our Diploma programme. All these books are widely available both new and 2nd hand and we will provide detailed notes on availability, price range, publishing dates etc. on application to the course. Some essential diagnostic equipment will also be required to be purchased by the student for this course. Training will also be given on some optional diagnostic equipment for those who wish to use further methods. Again, details on application to the course.

Diploma of Clinical Herbalism = POA (price on application)

We may be in a position to make exceptions for students who have already completed an advanced qualification in a natural medicine course, otherwise Diploma of Clinical Herbalism students must have completed the Certificate of Herbal Medicine as well as be at least already well on their way through the Diploma of Medical Herbalism before they will be eligible to join this program. We will be able to provide more details on the fees for the Diploma in Clinical Herbalism when we have a better idea of student numbers who can commit to coming to the immersive workshops along with how we can best spread the costs of in-person tutoring along with factors such as the costs of venue hire and catering. There is no doubt that this will be an excellent course with a great deal to offer the aspiring herbal clinician, we will also be doing our utmost to make it as affordable and reachable as possible. 


Starting the Certificate of Herbal Medicine involves being sent a significant amount of herbs and learning materials right away and must be paid for in full up-front.

The Diploma courses are divided into sections and each section can be paid for in advance as the student progresses and completes the course work. Each student must pay for the course as they go and not accumulate unpaid fees or they will not be able to continue to the next stage.

We are an independent education provider who are choosing to stay completely clear of the NZQA system, and all the strings that are attached to getting money from the Government. Our successful graduates will finish their Diploma debt-free and be ready to start the next stage of their journey into professional practice.

All kinds of people with all kinds of problems come to a herbalist. To survive and thrive in practice, with no Government support, and none likely to happen (our herbal associations have been trying to get it for over a hundred years so no-one should be holding their breath at this point) you have to get good results with the great majority of those people.

People come to a herbalist because they are not getting better by themselves and because they don’t want to use pharmaceuticals, or they’ve already tried tax-funded drugs and are no better off, or worse, for the process. People know that they are going to get zero Government subsidies, or ACC money, or insurance money, when they come to see a herbalist or any of the medicines they dispense. They know they will have to pay for their treatment themselves but they come anyway because they believe it will be worth it, because it works.

This is why our courses have such a strong emphasis on clinically relevant material; we want our graduates to know how to be successful in their practice!

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