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Learn Herbal Medicine or Become a Medical Herbalist!

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The Southern Institute of Medical Herbalism (SIMH) is an independent New Zealand herbal medicine education provider. We offer blended learning courses that go in-depth into the great art and science of herbal medicine. Look through our website and don’t hesitate to make contact with us if you have any questions or if you want to take things further. We welcome your interest! 

  • Keep working while you study & start as soon as you’re ready

  • Learn the ancient art & effective science of herbal medicine, nutrition & whole-person healing

  • Immersive learning journey; study herbal medicine in-depth but at your own pace

  • Tuition & mentoring from highly experienced herbal medicine practitioners & educators

SIMH Herbal Medicine Education

Medicinal herbs have always been an essential part of humanity’s collective journey.  Understanding how to use them wisely, and effectively, reconnects us with Nature and provides us with invaluable tools to assist ourselves and others on the way.

Herbal medicine courses from the Southern Institute of Medical Herbalism are presented and supported by a team of dedicated and long-term practicing medical herbalists and educators. The courses convey comprehensive, multi-platform, immersive experiences for the person with a passion to learn the ancient art and effective science of herbal medicine.

The Certificate of Herbal Medicine is comprised of 100% distance learning using a variety of platforms including videos, audios, texts, experiential lessons and an interactive forum. This means you can take this course from anywhere in the world, it also means you can keep working and study at your own pace.

The Certificate covers a great deal of ground and is tremendous value for money. It is an essential first stage for our Diploma courses but can also be taken as a stand-alone course and will be ideal for the person who wants to dive deeply into the study of herbal medicine because they would like to know better how to help themselves, their family and their friends with herbs. Whether by itself, or as the first stage of the Diploma, the Certificate course will give a comprehensive foundation for anyone who wants to know how to use herbal medicines wisely, safely and effectively.

The Diploma in Medical Herbalism can also be completed from afar and similarly uses a variety of platforms including videos, audios, texts, experiential learning and an interactive forum. This is an extremely comprehensive course that is being offered with remarkably good value for money. It will give the student with a calling to become a traditional medical herbalist an extensive knowledge of how to use and dispense medicinal herbs and, when needed, how to guide people in such vital areas as nutrition, exercise, mind-body health matters and hands-on diagnosis and treatment.

After gaining a strong foundation by completing the Certificate of Herbal Medicine, our Diploma students will continue their learning journey in considerably further depth, including one-to-one mentoring to help them best grow the skills and knowledge that they as an individual need to develop to become a good herbalist.

The Diploma in Clinical Herbalism is a complementary ‘sister-course’ to the Diploma in Medical Herbalism. It requires the student to commit their time to come in-person to immersive, experiential workshops in Christchurch, as well as to develop a large number of working ‘case-studies’ to better learn how to apply the work in a modern day clinical setting.

All that ultimately matters in becoming a successful practitioner of herbal medicine is getting good results for the individuals and community you serve. We want all of our students, whether they are able to do only one, two, or all three of our courses, to know very well how to stimulate and support a healing process with actual people in the actual world.

This work is broad and deep, all kinds of people with all kinds of problems come to a medical herbalist. The common ground is that they are not getting better by themselves and need the sure guidance of a person who knows how to work closely and safely with the healing power of Nature.

To learn more about SIMH herbal medicine education training visit our Structure page or click on the links below.

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